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Match report 2022.7.31
Gents v. Wycombe House
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Redbourn v. Gents
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Gent 175
Match reports up to 17 July.
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Wycombe House. Wycombe House won toss. Cloudy then sunny, 26C


Wyombe House 216-7 (40) (Shaikh 82, Osman 25, Khan 25, A. Ahmed 22)

Gents 219-5 (Kota 62, Gulati 39, Puli 34*, Namilikonda 25, S. Patel 23*) 


Won by 5 wickets


Gents and a keen, young Wycombe House Sunday XI enjoyed themselves in an entertaining game rich in incident. After Vasi Shaikh had dominated the first innings with a powerful 82 (nine fours and three sixes), the visitors got off to an absolute flyer with 92 coming up in the first ten overs. They lost wickets but the rock Kota’s calm assurance was decisive. The pitch, used by the 1s the day before, therefore produced 910 runs in two games for the loss of only 28 wickets. The welcome offered by House’s players, officials and supporters was warm and friendly, the pizzas after the game being much appreciated.


It was a tough day logistically for House whose 1s were short for their Middlesex Trophy quarter-final at Southgate. They tried to co-opt Messrs. Ahmed and Shaikh who stood their ground to honour this fixture. The colts who made up the XI (actually 13 in rotation) were handy cricketers and they fielded the club’s top batsman (Mr Ahmed himself with 796) and two of the top three bowlers (Adnan and Osman with 32 wickets each). Everything pointed to a well-balanced contest.


Gents’ seamers immediately found their lines but the openers were sound till Doshi clipped a full toss to mid-off. Minhas soon picked out mid-on and Khawaja was run out, leaving ’keeper Aftab to support Shaikh in a good spell for House. Seam and spin came alike to the veteran and he looked on for a century. Aftab holed out to long on but the entry of Ahmed after Ahmar’s sad run out promised great things. His first ball, from H. Patel, was a slow full-toss pulled over the pavilion into the premises of Seccombe the builder’s merchant. Thirty-eight came up in five overs when Shaikh called his skipper for a single that was never on, Kota and Sudireddy doing the needful, the carnage and Sudireddy’s brilliant celebration captured forever on YouTube via FrogBox during a rare lucid interval for the temperamental streaming service. Shaikh was well caught on the long on boundary, a deserved wicket for Kumar. Khan and Osman’s stylish stand of 51 in 40 balls ended the innings.


Chatharaju fell early, mistiming a pull. Gulati was ablaze with seven fours and a six off only 27 balls and after he departed having played around a full toss it was his like for like replacement, Namilikonda, who bashed a quick 20. Kota was in peak form and with stout and intelligent support from Krishna (viciously sledged by Shaikh) fewer than a hundred were needed. House worked hard and got back into the game by dismissing Krishna and Kota in quick succession, but were unable to bowl Gents out, that being their only route to victory with run rate long since having ceased to be an issue. A stand of 66 in eight overs between Puli and S. Patel then won the day, Puli equalling his highest score, off only 26 balls.


Back to our new mate FrogBox. One aspect of the day was thoroughly modern, for good or ill. Ahmed, Burman and Khan were constant telephone contact with the 1s’ impressive captain Hamzah Khan who is a technical guru. Indeed, the scorer’s table looked like a thieves’ kitchen of tech with four phones, two iPads and a host of cables. There was also the scorebook which was, for this day at least, as unloved as Jessie the Cowgirl in Toy Story. It sat sadly in the corner.



Redbourn Common. Redbourn won toss. Sunny, 29C


Redbourn 232-8 (40) (McKay 82, Smith 62, Cook 20)

Gents 74-2 (14.2) (Kumar 29*, Namilikonda 23)


Match abandoned.


A beautiful ground; an atmosphere of welcome; and a sunny day kissed by a refreshing breeze. Such were the ingredients for an exciting conclusion to a well-balanced match, but one that had to be abandoned when the unfortunate Smith fell awkwardly and tore a patellar tendon. The paramedics who attended within minutes summoned an ambulance. The poor man could not be moved, the ambulance was estimated to be two hours, so the captains shook hands. No doubt as he lay there shaded by a parasol he was thinking of his well-judged catch at long on to see off Namilikonda.


Much good cricket had been played before then. Chatharaju produced a lethal inswinger second ball before McKay, Cook and Smith assumed a measure of control on a perfect batting pitch. The crosswind did not help the spinners but there were too many long-hops. Gents had their moments and fought back well after Puli’s wonder catch with Tanniru, Kota and H. Patel effective in the final overs. But the target was still formidable, the score of 232 the highest by an opponent since the 253-1 by Millfields in 2018.


Puli’s catch is worth its own paragraph. Two balls after catching Smith on the boundary, losing his balance and flinging the ball back onto the field of play to prevent a six (stout work and five runs saved), he ran in and dived forward to grab the ball inches above the ground.


In Gents’ brief but brisk dig Kumar took two fours and six off Cook’s second over and Namilikonda cleared the trees to record the 50th six of 2022. Gents needed 159 off 154 balls when the injury occurred. DLS tables had Gents three ahead but let’s not go there. Thanks to guest Nikhil Vermula for helping out.


An email enquiring after Smith’s welfare was responded to with charm by the hosts:


Thank you for your email: I was actually in the process of writing an email to you. I was away yesterday but heard about the abrupt end to the game and the rather nasty injury suffered by Andy. The news is that he is OK – given the circumstances –  he is due to have an operation tomorrow on a ruptured patellar tendon, and will no doubt have to undergo a considerable period of physio to recover. It was fortunate that his wife, and one of our club members, are both GPs and were on hand to help. 


A number of the team commented very positively about how supportive the GWLCC team were - and I wanted to thank you on behalf of RCC for all your good wishes. The team also said that the match was played in the spirit of a true Sunday match and they thought it would be great if you could visit the club again. We will definitely keep a date open for you if you do want to visit in 2023, hopefully this time with a full game being played! We can’t recall a game being called off for injury in recent memory.


Liam Beere



Gent 175 is published.

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